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"The one who looks outside dreams; the one who looks inside awakes.”  – Carl Jung


Iris Therapeutics Holistic Wellness Studio 

The Iris Therapeutics Holistic Wellness Studio was created to support and educate the community about the dietary, environmental, and behavioural factors connected to physical and mental manifestations of disease. The Holistic Wellness Program shines light on body constitution, lifestyle factors, thought patterns, and nutritional deficiencies that compromise our ability to heal and thrive. The Iris Therapeutics Holistic Wellness Studio is dedicated to reorienting the spirit to better heal the body. It is the goal of the practitioner to instill the philosophy that we are not separate from nature, we are nature. When we embody and strengthen this connection we find greater depth and meaning in our experiences.  When we find meaning in our experiences we continue to seek that which serves the heart. The journey of recovery is a journey of the heart. It is through this exploration that we are able to fully revitalize the body, mind, and spirit.


What does "Holistic" mean?

Holism is the theory that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This is certainly true with respect to nutrition. It is often misleading to look for a single deficiency as a possible cause for any condition because nutrients are synergistic. This synergistic relationship can be applied to everything in nature. Understanding the intricate balance between the human body, mind, emotions, social factors, and the environment is the foundation to health promotion and disease prevention. 


What modalities of healing are involved?

This multifaceted healing blueprint has been created to optimize health and wellbeing through natural, non-invasive therapies including:

  • Iridology (Iris Analysis)

  • Holistic Nutrition

  • Eastern Medicinal Philosophies (Ayurveda & TCM in relation to elements and natural biological rhythms)

  • Exercise Science and Sports Nutrition

  • Nootropics, Quantum Botanicals, and Flower Essences

  • Energy Medicine (Reiki)

  • AromaTouch & Symphony of Cells Technique

  • Trauma Informed Wellness Development 

  • Dream Analysis 

The Holistic Revival Program was strategically designed as an integrative therapy.

We encourage our clients to utilize other practitioners in the community in tandem with  the program

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